A Message from Niina


I am Niina Moliere-Palapa, I have traverse many obstacles in my journey and I am still traversing many. I have realised two things, the first one is that, this is all part of life but with the right mindset, the obstacles becomes building blocks to the greater you. The second one is that, life in it’s fullness was meant to be journeyed in twos not in one.

This is where I come in, the second person that is ready to start with you and fall back when you have found your stamina of your journey. Unlike you, I had no one in my earlier stages of life to walk with, that is why I made up my mind to help many, male or female to reach their inner growth and stability which will then cause their environment to a permanent positive way of life.

I am on the other side of your fears, waiting for you because you are the best of you that this world has not seen.

Much Love

Niina x