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Born in Kinshasa, DRC Congo, Niina Moliere-Palapa is the daughter of a very well know couple that served in the Army of DRC Congo General Ghislain M’siri Kalungwishi and Captain Lusawu Lucy Kabesa they served in the regime of Mobutu.

Niina, is a transformational leader, Actress, Author, Life Coach, Community Leader, Singer, Mumpreneur and an Activist who empowers, and impacts individuals life helping them to have a mental balance especially after a meltdown. Her Mission is to see more mentally able people in this world.

A Woman of Faith who never leaves God out of anything she does.

Niina has organised and campaigned a long side former Labour leader David Milliband to create Congo for labour. The campaign bridged the gap and brought clarity to Congolese in diaspora especially those living in the United Kingdom and it did encourage them to excercice their power through voting.

Niina is a well-known actress for Bollywood movie ‘YPD2’; A Nollywood movie ‘Shameful Deceit’; and Congolese movies ‘Cherie Bondowe’ and ‘Kindoki’. She has also acted in many other movies such as ‘Deception’ by J-films.

Niina is an amazing writer, who has published many books and her most popular books are ‘Walking with God as a Single Mother’ and ‘My Identity’ where she inspires her readers to know themselves, love themselves and understand God plan for them is of good and never of evil. Niina has also written blogs for Creative People and Places network and currently has a book “A woman like me”which talks about her journey in life.

Supporting her on her advisory board are Mr Ne Kunda Nlaba – Producer/Director at Cine Kongo Ltd & CEO at Afrika Bizizi Distribution Ltd; Mr Sam Onigbanjo – CEO at Great Business Platforms; Mrs Celestina Oniye-Thomas – Integrative Behaviour Psychotherapist; Mr Ruke Amata – Film maker; Q ceo of poetical word; Lucy frpm Creative People and places Hounslow.

Niina’s passion has always been to awaken up individuals from their dream world and bring them into their real world while impacting and imparting into them the courage to change their world for the better starting by having full control of their mind…