Welcome to your Journey. A journey you will start with me, but will finish by yourself.

A Woman Like Me (Pre-Launch Price ONLY!)

A woman like me is going to be available officially online for £12.99 on the 27/10/2018. It is a book which will encourage every human being in the planet earth. A book filled with Niina’s hardship in, experiences, thought provoking theories and much more. It is recommended for those who are ready to be discovering different perspectives of the life we are living in order to truly enjoy the life! All Pre-Launch ordered book can be collected after the physical Launch on 27/10/2018 or It can be sent to you from Monday 29 October. Please make sure you enter your full name, telephone, email and address correctly not forgetting your postal code so your book will not be delayed.




Walking with God as a Single Mother Part 1

Every test in your life makes you bitter or better! Every problem comes to make you or break you! The choice is yours, whether you become a victim or victorious. Happiness keeps you sweet, while trials keep you strong. Sorrow keeps you humbled while success keeps you glowing but only God keeps you going! You will be ushered into a great and glorious beginning of your Morning and Sabbath day


Walking with God as a Single Mother Part 2

The Lord will breath new life into you, and every fibre of your being will be in love with the Lord. The Lord will make radiant the earth and the sky for you,and your arrow of love will arrive at it's target. Enjoy and be real to yourself.


Walking with God as a Single Mother Part 3

Looking within the inside of me,I discovered myself. I am the face in the mirror inside of me. I feel pain because I am the pain. Ever thought of throwing a stone in the mirror? You are the mirror....You are the stone in the mirror inside of YOU! The mirror in you is you accepting who God says you are!


My Identity

Having gone through trauma in her life, she lost her Identity. When she became born again, that's when she discovered her real Identity. Who she really is finally came up to the surface.